Advent Calendar #1: Win a Frozen Karaoke Player

frozen themed karaoke playerThe first giveaway of the Advent Calendar for 2016 is ready. We are giving away a karaoke player with a Frozen theme, and comes with songs from the popular Disney movie “Frozen”.

We believe this is a great fun for a customer who has a family and young children, and it is not something most people already have. This will surely make your kids happy during the holidays and can be used for normal karaoke and it looks as it can be used as a speaker for a music player as well. If you want more information about this karaoke player you can read about it on

We will during the week randomly pick one of our customers who will receive this gift, and we hope that they can have a lot of fun with it.

Announcing Corporate Growth and the Advent Calendar for 2016

The year has almost come to an end, and here at Howe Motorsports we are celebrating continued growth for each quarter this year, and significant growth since last year. We are one of the fastest growing companies within our industry and region.

From Q4 of 2015 until Q3 of 2016, we have witnessed a 12% increase in growth in terms of revenue. For details about each quarter, the numbers show Q4 of 2015 had 2.4% growth, while Q1 this year we had 3% growth, in Q2 3.4% and in Q3 4%. This is remarkable as even the growth-rate increases as the company grows bigger.

For the end of the year we thought we would do something fun for our customers, and have a few “giveaways” to a few customers. They will be randomly selected from those customers who orders any of our services during December 2016. It doesn’t matter if it is a furniture cleaning service or a across-country transpiration. As long as you use one of our service you classify as one of our customers for the month of December. We will have a few more of these until the end of December.

The “giveaways” will be certain products that our customers and their families may enjoy. We don’t really know yet how many of them we will give away yet, but we are thinking at least two items per week until the end of the year.

Thank to all of our stakeholders for a fantastic year so far. We are still in Q4 and it seems very promising indeed, and we will work hard every day to expand our company.

Apple app site association error

You can find our app in the app store. The app is under further development and does not support all features as of now.

Our team is constantly working on it to improve it and be up to today’s standards.

Some users have found that their app does not load the apple app site association folder after the newest version update of our app for iOS 9 and perhaps other versions.

To fix this error, we recommend you try this:
1. Create a back up of the apple app site association folder.
2. Completely uninstall the app
3. Download the newest version of our app.
4. Add the backup of the apple app site association folder, and try to load it.

This should fix the issue in most cases. If it still does not work, contact our support and we will try to help you out.

Internatinoal Shipping Companies

shippingWhile we are a growing transportation company established in several locations, we only offer domestic transportation and distribuion services. But sometimes our customers ask us about international shipping. That is unfortunately a service that we currently do not provide, but if we continue to grow we might get there in the future.

We thought we should write a post about some of the big companies when it comes to international shipping. There are a handful of big corporations in this scene, and they have a very good distribution infrastructure set up. Here are the ones we can recommend.

UPS can deliver both parcels and freight. They operate internationally, and their prices are very hard to beat. An all around shipping company. Be aware that they only have a 5 day pick up hold.

Similar to UPS, they are a major player in the international market. Their prices are also competitive and cheap, but on domestic packages over 200 lbs, they are a bit more costly. An all around shipping company. However they have only a 5 day pick up hold. Has temperature control. When it comes to customer service, that’s where FedEx is really the best in the industry.

United States Postal Service
Another affordable international shipping company, and the one with the most physical locations. Their hold for pickup is also quite flexible at 15 days. However they only ship parcel type packages, as they do not have any ocean transportation. For bigger freight packages, we would recommend UPS or FedEx instead.

Very popular global shipping company. They do not offer domestic shipping, only international, and they do not transport animals. Also has ocean transportation, but does not have the size restrictions that the other companies have, and they also have a 30 day pick up hold. Has temperature control.

While there are other good global shipping companies in the industry, these are the ones we would recommend for most types of transport, depending on a few things such as flexibility, domestic shipping, if you need temperature control, and type of package and so on.

Which moving company to choose in Columbus?

truckYou’re going to want to hire a professional Columbus moving company with a proven track record of success who you can trust to ensure a stress-free move. There are many moving companies offering their services in Columbus, yet it can be difficult to determine which is the best choice.

How much experience does the company have?

When you are looking for a moving service in Columbus, experience counts. Make sure you pay attention to a company’s track record because it demonstrates their ability and willingness to deliver every time. While insurance may cover the monetary value of certain objects, nothing can replace the value of sentimental items, such as your child’s hand painting or old family photos. As a result, it’s best to choose a moving company with years of successful moving experience. When you work with a company with experience, you can rest assured your property will be handled with the utmost care and respect, and your items transported in a safe and secure manner.

A track record of successful moves

The number of successful moves a company has, is as equally important as the number of years a moving service has been in business. When you’re choosing your Columbus moving company, make sure you ask about the number of successful moves they’ve accomplished.

High quality fleet of trucks

Just as you wouldn’t want to ride in a broken car for your safety, your furniture and belongings shouldn’t be transported in unstable and broken down vehicles. When you are choosing a company, make sure you pay attention to the quality of the moving trucks and equipment. In addition, the quality of fleet speaks volumes about the integrity and level of business the moving service conducts. Any reputable business will perform proper maintenance and ensure their equipment is presentable. Old, dirty, and damaged equipment communicates the level of pride the mover has in their business.

Insurance is crucial!

It is also imperative the mover has sufficient insurance. While choosing a group of guys who move furniture as a side job may seem like the economical choice, it could cost you more in the end if your stuff is damaged. On the other hand, an insured mover will be able to offer the replacement value in the event your personal belongings are damaged in the move.


Undoubtedly, professionalism should be a necessary facet of the company you choose. Don’t substitute professionalism for a seemingly cheap price. A professional company does things by the book, they are organized and quick, and they provide greater service. Perhaps you have to pay a few extra bucks for professionalism, but it is worth it to ensure everything goes smooth.

Howe Motorsports can help you.

Here at Howe Motorsports, we have decades of experience as a moving company, thousands of successful moves, we have a high quality fleet and insurance that covers us in case something unexpected should happen. We welcome anyone to call us and come down to our facility to inspect our vehicles to ensure that your belongings are safely moved.

Contact us today

How to move a car from coast to coast

moving car
When you’re going to move out, that often includes having to move big vehicles as well. If you’re currently in a small town, and you’d like to move to a bigger city across the country, then you probably want to have your car with you. There are different costs in transportation services when moving cars. In this article we will address some of the most general things to know about doing this.

Do you want somebody else to drive or move it for you?

A company that provides a service called something like “cross-country auto moving” is one that will help you with this. If you’re going all the way from one coast to another, then that would mean you would have to spend several days continuously driving for hours and hours in order to complete such an undertaking. That could be very tiresome and especially time consuming. But it also would save you money. It all depends on what is right for you. Do you want to save time, or do you want to save money?

Finding the right company

If you decide to let a company move it for you, there are some things to have in mind before choosing a company. One thing is the cost. Always ask the company about what the cost will be. Some times you can do some research, contact several companies and get a general idea about what the cost should be for this service. Other things to keep in mind is the company’s reputation. You can find this out by searching the internet for their name and look for reviews. You can also find out if this is one of the company’s core competences and whether they provide these types of services regularly, or if it something they take on once in a while. Professional companies will often be listed on certain websites, and you can also inquire about their reputation from the American Moving and Storage Association.

When you have asked for prices at multiple service providers, you can find out about what the cost of moving across the country should be. Other things to keep in mind is their time records, and their estimates or guarantees of when you will have your car delivered in your new town.

After moving your car

Anytime you are doing something like this, you have to plan it through. When moving to another state, you often have to visit the local DMV in that state to have your car registered as many states have different regulations. You usually have a time limit when having to register it after moving, which is often up to 60 days. This is also a good time to make sure you have everything in order. Is your car insurance taken care of? Do you have all your paperwork and documents in order? Is the car safe to drive and has it been examined recently by an auto repair shop?

These are some important things to consider when moving across the country.