Internatinoal Shipping Companies

shippingWhile we are a growing transportation company established in several locations, we only offer domestic transportation and distribuion services. But sometimes our customers ask us about international shipping. That is unfortunately a service that we currently do not provide, but if we continue to grow we might get there in the future.

We thought we should write a post about some of the big companies when it comes to international shipping. There are a handful of big corporations in this scene, and they have a very good distribution infrastructure set up. Here are the ones we can recommend.

UPS can deliver both parcels and freight. They operate internationally, and their prices are very hard to beat. An all around shipping company. Be aware that they only have a 5 day pick up hold.

Similar to UPS, they are a major player in the international market. Their prices are also competitive and cheap, but on domestic packages over 200 lbs, they are a bit more costly. An all around shipping company. However they have only a 5 day pick up hold. Has temperature control. When it comes to customer service, that’s where FedEx is really the best in the industry.

United States Postal Service
Another affordable international shipping company, and the one with the most physical locations. Their hold for pickup is also quite flexible at 15 days. However they only ship parcel type packages, as they do not have any ocean transportation. For bigger freight packages, we would recommend UPS or FedEx instead.

Very popular global shipping company. They do not offer domestic shipping, only international, and they do not transport animals. Also has ocean transportation, but does not have the size restrictions that the other companies have, and they also have a 30 day pick up hold. Has temperature control.

While there are other good global shipping companies in the industry, these are the ones we would recommend for most types of transport, depending on a few things such as flexibility, domestic shipping, if you need temperature control, and type of package and so on.