Announcing Corporate Growth and the Advent Calendar for 2016

The year has almost come to an end, and here at Howe Motorsports we are celebrating continued growth for each quarter this year, and significant growth since last year. We are one of the fastest growing companies within our industry and region.

From Q4 of 2015 until Q3 of 2016, we have witnessed a 12% increase in growth in terms of revenue. For details about each quarter, the numbers show Q4 of 2015 had 2.4% growth, while Q1 this year we had 3% growth, in Q2 3.4% and in Q3 4%. This is remarkable as even the growth-rate increases as the company grows bigger.

For the end of the year we thought we would do something fun for our customers, and have a few “giveaways” to a few customers. They will be randomly selected from those customers who orders any of our services during December 2016. It doesn’t matter if it is a furniture cleaning service or a across-country transpiration. As long as you use one of our service you classify as one of our customers for the month of December. We will have a few more of these until the end of December.

The “giveaways” will be certain products that our customers and their families may enjoy. We don’t really know yet how many of them we will give away yet, but we are thinking at least two items per week until the end of the year.

Thank to all of our stakeholders for a fantastic year so far. We are still in Q4 and it seems very promising indeed, and we will work hard every day to expand our company.